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How Can You Help Prepare Your Child?  
  • Play!   Playing allows sharing, creativity, conversation and memory making.
  • Read to your child every day.  Have books available. Visit the library.  Reading should be a part of your everyday routine.  
  • Talk with your child.  Be specific about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, words that are all around us.  Share with your child what they are doing. The more talk, the more vocabulary they will have!  Discuss all the fun they are going to have at school!
  • Set  good morning and bedtime routines.  4, 5, & 6 year olds should get between 10-12 hours of sleep a night.
  • Develop self-help skills by encouraging independence in everyday activities like:  using the restroom, opening lunch containers, tying shoes, putting on a coat, zipping, buttoning pants, washing hands, etc.
Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Information:
  • Parents can drop students off at school in the morning at the front of the school.  Please follow the route for drop off carefully.
  • Staff members will be available at 8:50 am to unload cars.  Parents need to stay in their cars. Please have your child on the passenger side of the car.
  • To ensure a timely drive thru process, students should be able to buckle and unbuckle themselves. If not, parking your car and walking with your child to a designated spot is the best choice.
  • Any transportation changes must be shared with the school office.  

Breakfast and Lunch:

  • Kindergarten students will have 25 minutes to eat lunch.
  • They can bring their own or purchase hot lunches at school.
  • The current district hot lunch price is $2.75.
  • Breakfast is also available for a cost of $1.50.
  • Free and Reduced meals are available for those who qualify. Information will be sent home on the first day of school.
  • Each student will have a breakfast/lunch account. Deposits can be made by sending check/cash to school or by paying online through Family Access.
  • For more information on student meals, please click here to navigate to our Child Nutrition Page