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Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Keeping our students safe is our highest priority!  Please help us make drop-off and pick-up as safe as possible. 
Each student will receive a transportation tag (during their Family Connection Meeting) which will be zip-tied to their backpack. It is important this tag remains on the backpack all school year. If the tag falls off, please let us know so that it can be replaced immediately. If there is a day that your child will be going home differently than their normal routine, it is REQUIRED that you call the school office at (360) 829-5830. 
Kindergarten and AM EK/Preschool sessions:  
Mondays            Gates open at 9:40 am. Class begins at 10:00 am
Tuesdays-Fridays        Gates open at 8:40 am. Class begins at 9:00 am
PM EK/Preschool sessions:  
Mondays            Gates open at 1:15 pm. Class begins at 1:25 pm
Tuesdays-Fridays        Gates open at 12:45 pm. Class begins at 12:55 pm. 
Drive-thru Drop Off:
If you are dropping off your child, please stay in your car, and pull into the side lot. (Follow the signs for parent drop-off). There are two lines for drop off and you can get in either lane for morning drop off.  Cars will merge at the corner into one lane.  Gates will open 20 minutes prior to school starting.  At that time we will have ELC staff members meeting and directing students.  Please do not drop students off until staff supervision has arrived. 

While waiting in line please have your child unbuckle, grab their coat and backpack so they are ready to exit the car when it is their turn.

An ELC staff member will be opening the car door for your child. Make sure your child is sitting in the back seat on the driver side of the vehicle.  This may mean you need to change the location of their car seat.

PS/EK kids will walk into school through the yellow gate.  Kindergarten kids will walk into school  through the green gate.

​​If your child arrives late, the gate will be closed.  You will need to park and walk your child to the office to check them in before they can go to class.
Drive-thru Pick up: 
You will be given a yellow (PS/EK) or green (K) car window sign during Family Connection Meetings. This MUST be visible and clipped to the front driver visor when you are picking your child up.

Pick-up will be at the same location as morning drop off.  Please drive through the pick-up route and choose either the Kindergarten line or the EK/Preschool line.  (see map below) 

Please REMAIN IN YOUR CAR and move forward as necessary. Once you are at the front of the line, your child will be waiting for you on a designated color on the sidewalk. An ELC staff member will open the rear driver door and help your child into the car. Please have your child practice buckling.  This will really help us keep dismissal time quick, smooth and safe. If your child needs help getting buckled in, please pick up your child and then pull into a parking spot.  This will help the line move quicker.   
Map of ELC Parking Lot
Bus Transportation
The Transportation department will be finished routing students soon.  You should be able to log into Skyward to find out bus route times and stops. If you have questions, please contact transportation at 360-829-3983.
Visitors on Campus
All visitors must check in at the office upon arrival and wear the visitor badge we give to you.  If you are visiting on a regular basis or are volunteering in the classroom, you will need to fill out a volunteer form online.  Please go to the district website for information or call the office for assistance. 
Preparing for the first day
1.)  Talk through the drop off and pick up procedures with your child. 
2.)  Move your child’s car seat to be in the proper location of the car - back seat behind the driver.
3.)  Have your child practice buckling and unbuckling their seat belt.
4.)  Be patient.
5.) If you would like a picture of your child with their teacher, please do so at the Ice Cream Social and/or your Family Connection Meeting.  
6.)  I encourage all parents to either put your child on the bus or drop them off in the car drop off area on the first day instead of parking and walking them to class.  The sooner they learn the routine, the easier it will be. 
7.)  Plan on having your child use the restroom before coming to school each day to prevent emergencies.
I promise that your child will be fine!  We have plenty of adults to help all of our littles get to their correct class.  

Thank you for following these procedures so we can keep all children safe.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  We are here for you!